My sexy Mam Rajilaxmi – 3

J Jason 2014-11-18 Comments

Mam Sex I rushed towards her and hugged her. We were lip locked for few mins, I was biting those red lips and sucking her tongue. She got excited dragged me towards her which let to dash her boobs over my chest. Her boobs were so spongy. I was keep sucking her lips and kiss them, I moved my right hand over her waist and hugged her tightly.

We were sucking for mins and I bite her lower lips and licking all over her mouth. She was screaming with pain.
I moved down towards her neck and lick her ear lobe. When I bite her earlobe she was screaming ahhhh. I moved my hand to tlhe left side of her saree opening and caught her left boobs and pressing them over blouse. All this I doing while kissing her lips then I slide her saree down and got full view of her boobs which is tightly hooked under the blouse. I was so excited to press those and I was so wild with them by pressing hard and pinching over the blouse.

Then I moved down and kissed and bite boobs over the blouse this went for few mins. Then I tried to open the blouse hook but it was so tight to remove. She helped me to remove the 1st hook and I pressed her breast from the bottom as it expanding at top where I was lick them. She removed my shirt button but not completely and kissed over chest shoulder and lips.Then I removed the 2nd hook and licking the gap between the two boobs. I bite her boobs over bra I was squeeze for some mins. Atlast I removed the last hook and I could see armpit with full of hairs like a dense forest. I smelled those the aroma make me so crazy and I licked her armpit too. I moved to side her and biting her boobs which bra couldn’t hold it. I started pinch her areola over the bra. She got so moody and moaning. I turned her and I kissing all over back. I started to remove the strap of her bra. Slowly I was removing and kissed by the way along I was removing. I revealed bra from her body and she was standing topless in front of me by hiding her boobs over one hand with shy bended her head down. I removed her hand and started suck her boob with mouth and squeeze the other. Her areola were already so erect standing straight.
She pushed my head towards her boobs which made me wild as I bite those areola and pinch the other. She screamed and said “da valikuthu da”. I was squeeze them hard as I was mad about her boobs since whitish boobs and her areola was dark brown so loved much to bite and pinch the areola. I was sucking and playing them for few mins.

Later I came down towards her navel which is so sexy I slapped her tummy for few times and I kissed and licked her sexy navel especially her navel button was awesome which I love to lick always. While licking I constantly grabbing her ass cheeks regularly.
I grabbed her saree from the navel and put down. She is standing only in pavadai. I bite either side of her hip and hold her hip tightly with my hand and kissed her cheeks. I kissed her pussy area few moments over the pavadai and turned her kissed her ass cheeks. I let my hand between the ass crack and started rub those crack. I bite the ass cheeks and let my tongue inside the ass crack over her pavadai.
I turned to the left side of her were she tied the knot of her pavadai. I licked in the gap between the knot and pavadai. Then I untied the pavadai as it fell down I dragged her from the pavadai as she was standing only in panties by covering her pussy over her hand with shy bended her head down. I could see lot of pussy hair like forest.

I removed her hand from the pussy and lifted her head kissed then i insert my finger in pussy over panties and I was constantly slapping her ass with other hand slowly.

I asked her to remove my pant but she didnt so i did myself as lower my pant and underwear. She shocked by seeing my cock and looked somewhere. I took her hand and kept over my cock suddenly she took it away. I asked her to masturbate for me but she replied as she wont. I got anger and kept her hand over my cock. She did half heartedly all this time I was fingering her. Then I removed her panties standing fully nude. I watched her pussy closely she got already wet over there and she was ejaculated her cum in panties. I started to lick her pussy within few mins she ejaculated her cum all over my face.


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