Please Give My Passport – 2

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Latest Tamil Sex Stories – They both said that I have to to do what they say I was speechless then they both science to clean the room and wash utensils hottie kitchen . I said to them that. I whatsoeve done any of these till date and my mom and sister use to do all the house hold activities.

(நீங்களும் உங்கள் கதையை எங்களுடன் பகிருந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் . எங்கள் தளத்தில் பதிவு(Register)செய்து உங்கள் கதையை எழுதவும்) . தயவு செய்து பெரிய கதையாக எழுதவும் . கதையை இங்கும் அனுப்பலாம் : [email protected]

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For that they replied in this generation men and woody are equal and any one can do any work. I said I never knew to do this works .
They. Said he you need Clarence for your passport you have to do this works .
That time I was cornered I was helpless. So there was no other go I asked for the broomstick and started cleaning the room . They gone into the room I was about to clean the room. They both come out of these room with changed dress . Earlier I saw them in their police uniform now they were in nighty. They asked me you take half an hour to clean the room and I said I am New to this they said ok I will help you in cleaning the kitchen. And other one cleaned the room in minutes . Anita was cleaning the utensils and latha cleaned the room .

Sorry guys when they wear uniform they were simple now they both were hot . Anita was wet after washing her bra was visible I was looking at her boobs. She noticed that and asked what I am doing I said nothin. She told I saw what you were seeing . Latha asked what the problem is Anita told her about me she became angry on me and decided to give punishment. And the punishment was to bath Anita . That time Anita got shocked and said to her what you are saying . Latha said I am your senior officer I know what punishment to be given she said but madam how can I take bath with this guy . I am married .

She said This is how you repel to your senior officer you have to obey my orders and do what I said she was having no other option and went inside the bathroom I followed her . Latha following us . She said to remove my cloths I did that and she said of. Remove Anita cloth which I refused she said. Your passport is in my hands them I removed her nighty she was only wearing bra and panty I was dumbstruck to see her figure 36-24-36 them I poured water on her latha instructed Anita to remove my underwear I said leave me before I could say any thing Anita removed my underwear I was totally nude my 6’inch penis was dancing There was a shock surprised suddenly latha came in front of me. Started giving of a blow job. I was totally shocked Anita was surprised and asked what are you doing . By this latha said I can’t stop my self . By seeing his penis . I can’t stop myself I went near Anita and kissed her on her lips she slapped me suddenly latha slapped Anita and removed her bra and panties she was nude and asked me to insert my penis in her pussy she was shocke I started begging I was about to insert my penis bell rang on the door and latha went to open the door and there was.:-/.
Story to be continued……. Pundaiyil Sunni Vidum Latest Tamil Sex Stories

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