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Tamil Hot Sex Stories – Hi All

This is true story which happened in Delhi in winters. It took some planning and guts to fuck my aunt.

Well i just want to let you know that i am guy who has been born and brought in Delhi. I wont reveal my name here. However I am 5’11 with a heavy built and sexoholic person. For me its not sex, its making love.

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Well the story to fuck my widow aunt started years back. I was in the planning for last 2 years to fuck her.

Let me tell you something about her.She is a widow lady almost aged 44 or 45. She is a an average Indian lady with a dark complexion. She is a teacher by profession and i always had a fantasy of fucking teachers after seeing their boobs from one side.

Now this story started two years back when i came back to live with my parents in Delhi. I was new to the locality so i hardly new anyone. I tried looking for friends however apart from my office friends who stayed near by, i could not find any friends. My mom and my aunt are good friends. They go for shopping together, for buying vegetables and on the way back home she used to go to her house.

My mom generally used to call me to get the stuff from her house and this is how i started getting to know her.

Now whenever i used to go to market or somewhere else as well, i would like to peep into her gate and see if she was standing and just get a chance to see her and talk to her. I used to this quite often and one day she caught me staring into her house and did not realize that she was standing in the balcony above. When she asked me what happened, i told her that i thought that mom was here as she was not at home.

So after this incident we chatted , we spoke to each other about lives, work, friends & love. The last two topics were the main from where i picked up the heat to fuck her. I told her that i have female friends however i dont like to commit to anyone as i want to enjoy my life. She raised her eyebrows when she heard enjoy. She questioned me and i said that i would explain her some other day.

Then i picked her topic and asked her how did she survive after uncle. She explained and started crying almost. By this time she was quite comfortable talking to me. I consoled her and promised her that i would take care of her and we will be friends. I also told her ” Mentally, socially and physically” if you need anything i am there.

Just to cement the base, i started helping her in household works, market work etc. So she was quite comfortable with me now and used to roam without duppata as well. Now she started cleaning the room in front of me on regular basis without dupatta and i used to get a hard on easily on seeing those boobs.

One fine day my parents were not at home. I got a call from her that she needs help in fixing the tube light. I went there and saw that she was lying on the bed with her shoulder hurt. She told me that she was trying to fix the tube light and she fell. I scolded her that when i was coming she should have waited. I told her that i would apply ointment and then she can relax.

I also told her that she promised me to make green chutney and she would come to my house, but now that would not be fulfilled. She just said don’t be sad.


I took ointment and started applying on her back, shoulders. She also asked me to rub it on her stomach. i was trying to peep into her boobs, black big boobs, black nipples erected. while i was rubbing ointment, i suddenly felt her boob in my hand. I pressed it to make sure that it was boobs, as i could not believe it. I pressed it hard and squeezed the nipples. Suddenly there was someone on the door and we had to wrap it up. i told her that i am going to my house.

I came home and masturbated thinking of her and what happened. The sperms flew high as i was nearing my dream to fuck her. After an hour i heard the bell and found her standing at the door. She told that she has come to make the chutney which she promised me. I was standing near her and admiring her boobs, her ass which is round in shape and big ( i just love smacking her from back).

Then i thought of an idea. While she was doing work in the kitchen, i stood behind her and asked her how the pain was and started massaging the pain area. I told her that she should lie down and i would complete the massage which was pending. She agreed. I took her to my room and made her lie down.
I asked her to remove her kameez and lie down in salvar. I could see black bra holding those big boobs.

I put some oil on her back and started rubbing, she enjoyed it and closed her eyes and lay peacefully. In the mean time i just unhooked her bra, she did not say anything. I told her to remove it as it was causing an issue in massage and she removed it. I could not believe it, however i could not see the boobs, but while massaging from sides i could feel the boobs.

Now i increased the pressure on sides,and climbed on her ass to make myself comfortable. Now my dick was errect and it was rubbing against her ass when i moved front and back to massage her back.

After 5-10 minutes, the gates opened for heaven. She could not resist this anymore and stood up and asked me to hold her boobs as this was the thing i was looking for. I held them, soft and nice, nipples hard, just loved them. I turned her around, sucked boobs, she was moaning, removed her undergarments and now she was naked.

i could not control anymore and also undressed myself. She held my dick in her hand while sucked her boobs and fingered her pussy which was not used for last 10 years. Let me tell her pussy was damn tight, it took some while for dick to get in and once it was in, then there was no stopping. I fucker her for 10 minutes and came upon her. She told me that with her husband she could not do it much and she enjoyed today.


Since then our cute little sex story has continued and when ever we get the chance we play with each other.

Now on the other list is my maid, who i am trying to seduce (one young chick 23 years of age, 36-24-34, i took her measurements) you can imagine, when she cleans my room and i see her cleavage, how hard it is to control.

This a genuine story, a lot of you might think it is fake. I like making love specially to married ladies. I find them mature. Vithavai Aunty Tamil Hot Sex Stories

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